Lilly and garth
Lilly is Kate's younger sister, and she, unlike Kate, is an Omega. Garth is the son of Tony, the leader of the Eastern pack, and an Alpha. They met at Howling Rock when Garth was supposed to fall in love with Kate, but she ditches him after she hears him howl. The following day, Lilly shows Garth around. Lilly shows Garth her turtle impressions, and Garth tries to teach Lilly to hunt, but she messes up. Garth nudges her bangs back, realising that her eyes are beautiful. That night Lilly teaches him to howl. Then the Eastern pack comes, and Garth sends Lilly back to the Western Pack. The next day, Garth declares his love for Lilly at the wedding and they get married. They are last seen howling at Howling rock.